Nightingale Coffee

Make your coffee count!

We’re committed to fight for and support victims of abuse and exploitation one excellent cup of coffee at a time.


EspressoSingle 1.00Double 1.50Triple 2.25
Fresh Brewed Coffee1.752.252.75
Cafe Au Lait1.752.252.75
White Mocha · Mocha1.752.252.75
Cold Brew1.752.252.75
add a flavor: caramel · vanilla · hazelnut.50
add a flavor: white mocha · mocha.50


Chai Tea3.253.754.15
Hot or Iced Loose Leaf2.002.252.45


Donut   1.25 · Specialty Donut   2.50 · Donut Bar   1.50
Bagel   1.75 · Cinnamon Bun   2.50 · Muffin   2.50

Non-Coffee Drinks

Chocolate Milk   1.25 · Orange Juice   2.00
Fruit Juice   1.00 · Soda   1.00 · Water   1.00
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Newborns through 4th grade meet downstairs. Route 56 for 5th & 6th graders meet in room 205. S.U.N. St. Kids, for those with special needs, meets in room 113 during our 11:30AM service.
Check-in at the lobby kiosk.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM (no Route 56)
                   10 AM
                   11:30 AM

Junior High

Crossroads Student Ministries welcomes Junior High students from 7th and 8th grade in room 208.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 10 & 11:30 AM

High School

High School youth meet in room 208.

Sundays — 7 PM


Meet in the main auditorium
Everyone is welcome

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM
                   10 AM
                   11:30 AM

(209) 239-5566 — 1505 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, California   Get Directions ▸