This “college age” group exists to provide community for a group which is often left by the wayside in the church; the 17-25 year olds.  At Crossroads we feel this group is integral in the growth and leadership of the current church and we want to develop and encourage them to lead this generation into the future.


Meeting Dates

The College Team met and came up with a plan that will hopefully meet the needs of the group while understanding the outside commitments they have.  We will be meeting every other Wednesday, from 7 pm to 9 pm, starting in February.  Here are the dates:

January 23
February 6 & 20
March 6 & 20
April 3 & 17
May 1, 15 & 29
June 12 & 26

The other thought behind meeting bi-weekly is to give an opportunity for us to make connections with one another and have special events on weeks we aren’t meeting.


Special Events



March 16-22 Mexico Mission

We are going to the city of San Luis in the state of Sonora, Mexico as we have done for the last 20 years.  We are involved with a local church (Templo Sinai) that is pastored by Carlos Bravo. Over the last twelve years, we’ve developed systems for cooking, security, church services, transportation, and dealing with a host of other issues and opportunities.  Our whole team will camp out and live at Pastor Carlos’ house (and our main ministry site) for the 6 days we’re in Mexico. The seventeen years of ministry in that community has served to grow our hearts for them, but also to grow their hearts for us.

Passports are necessary, start planning now.

More Info

Bill Walmer
HS & College Director

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Newborns through 4th grade meet downstairs. Route 56 for 5th & 6th graders meet in room 205. S.U.N. St. Kids, for those with special needs, meets in room 113 during our 11:30AM service.
Check-in at the lobby kiosk.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM (no Route 56)
                   10 AM
                   11:30 AM

Junior High

Crossroads Student Ministries welcomes Junior High students from 7th and 8th grade in room 208.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 10 & 11:30 AM

High School

High School youth meet in room 208.

Sundays — 7 PM


Meet in the main auditorium
Everyone is welcome

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM
                   10 AM
                   11:30 AM

(209) 239-5566 — 1505 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, California   Get Directions ▸