Junior High Area Relational Leader

Help make the Crossroads Junior High the friendliest place in town by developing enthusiastic relationships with students before the service.


  • Be to RM 208 by 40 minutes before and check in with your team leader for your assignment
  • Speak, smile, and high five/hug as many students as possible in your area.
  • Learn names and refer to students by their name.
  • Laugh, have fun, and enjoy the pre-service atmosphere with students.
  • Clean Up games around RM 208 5 minutes after service begins.


Spiritual Gifts

  •  Creative Communication
  •  Evangelism
  •  Leadership

Skills & Abilities

  • Skill: Counseling
  • Skill: Marketing/Communication
  • Skill: Media/Graphics
  • Sports: Coach


Background check (required for any role working with minors)

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