Junior High Greeter

This position greets every student and guides first-time guests to the VIP check-in table. You are to provide a genuine and enthusiastic welcome to every student and/or adult who comes through the doors. Learn names and faces of students is a plus.


  • Greet every student with the phrase, “Welcome to Crossroads Junior High. We’re glad you’re here!”
  • Ask each guest (if they are an unfamiliar face) if it’s his/her first time. If so, send them to the VIP Table.
  • For first-time guests, introduce yourself and to a student leader waiting inside at the VIP Table
  • Maintain your post until 30 minutes after Junior High has started.


Spiritual Gifts

  •  Creative Communication
  •  Encouragement
  •  Shepherding

Skills & Abilities

  • Skill: Marketing/Communication
  • Arts: Production
  • Arts: Drama
  • Sports: Coach


Complete a background check (required for any role working with minors)

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