Junior High Growth Group Coach

This position is responsible for overseeing growth group volunteers and help students find their correct growth groups.
Our goal is that you are personally healthy and having fun. Every growth group teaching team has a name and a story for you each week. Coach teams weekly to reach, teach, and relate by means of email, phone, or in-person.


  • Love on and encourage teachers and students.
  • Call teachers when absent from Growth Group-sub for them if needed
  • Maintain regular and intentional contact with teachers.
  • Communicate any teacher needs to Thursday Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Plan two teacher socials during the year.
  • Help recruit and enlist potential teachers.


Spiritual Gifts

  •  Administration
  •  Encouragement
  •  Leadership

Skills & Abilities

  • Skill: Tech/Computers
  • Skill: Marketing/Communication
  • Skill: Office
  • Sports: Coach


Complete a background check (required for any role working with minors)

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