Jamba Juice Fundraiser
Jan 15th-29th

Raise your hand if you don’t love Jamba Juice…
That’s what I thought – No hands raised.

What is this fundraiser?

‘Buy 1 get 1 FREE’ Jamba Juice fundraising cards are available to sell for this sweet treat fundraiser!
Students will sell cards with 10 ‘Buy 1 get 1 FREE’ redemptions available. Cards will be sold for $10 each, and the student will be able to keep $4 from each sale, and Jamba Juice receives the remaining $6.
*Reminder – you will bring all $10 per sale back to Crossroads, who will then disperse the funds accordingly*

When is the fundraiser?

January 15th until January 29th.

Who can participate?

Any 4th grade – exiting 12th grade student who is planning on attending Hume Lake 2023 with Crossroads.

How do I participate?

To participate, visit Deb Lee or Sarah Montandon at Nightengale Coffee Shop, located on the 2nd floor of Crossroads Grace Community Church during service hours. They will gather your information and get you as many Jamba Juice fundraising cards that you request to go and be able to sell.

How much money can I fundraise through this fundraiser?

As many Jamba Juice cards as you can sell!

How much money have I made from fundraising so far?

You can ALWAYS check the total amount that you’ve raised for camp so far on your Go Method page.
Fundraised totals are entered and updated every Tuesday by 5pm.

Still have questions?

Contact stephaniedamiano@crossroadsgrace.org for any questions you have about this or other fundraising opportunities.

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