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One of the greatest priorities of the Church is to share the message of God’s love through Jesus. Join us in prayer for our missionaries.

We had a wonderful week with over 50 campers and Ambassador Coaches from 8 countries. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Bill and Melanie Sikma ~ Evangelism Explosion

“I have been able to see many lives impacted through Evangelism Explosion ministry in many ways. People are either coming to Christ as a result of the EE ministry, learning how to become a witness for Christ in their everyday lives, or multiplying by training other believers how to be a witness for Christ. Through EE, I have been involving people in Crossroads, and extending training to believers worldwide.” You can contact Bill at


Wilson Koppula ~ local Indian outreach

“I have led a decades-long ministry to Indian nationals known as India Community Ministry. The ministry seeks to befriend and guide those from distinct faith backgrounds that include Sikhs, Muslims, and the people of Afghanistan. The ministry focuses on the Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area to facilitate a pathway to citizenship while professing faith in Jesus Christ. Further, I also lead Calvary Indian Church in Manteca, where we provide a comfortable place to worship God in a culturally sensitive manner. I am excited to be supported by Crossroads as I lead the Indian community to discover Jesus and follow him fully.” You can contact Wilson at


We support a number of people planting churches and leading children’s ministries in the most strategic country on the globe, India. Leaders are trained and deployed in a largely Hindu and Muslim nation to reach half of the world’s’ unreached people groups’ which are in India. To learn more, go to

“Kevin & Grete”

“We have been supported as Bible translation consultants with a tremendous agency working in several countries, including some very strategic and some very under-engaged people groups. We serve national translation teams by training and by checking Scriptures. Our passion is to establish the church by making the Word clear and natural.” To learn more, contact Pastor Jim Todd at


Gene & Melba Morden ~ Kenya

“Instead of raising carrots and onions in Washington, we decided the next phase of our life would be harvesting souls in ministry in Africa. Both of us have adapted to life in Kenya in order to invest in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. This includes wells and irrigation to provide clean water to communities and farms. Our passion for Jesus has influenced the spiritual lives of these communities and added to the kingdom of God’s harvest.” You can contact The Morden’s at


Pastor Carlos & Marta Bravo ~ Mexico

“We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with the Pastors and people of Crossroads as we lead Templo Sinai in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. Marta and I welcome two trips a year to our home (students in the spring, and adults/families in the fall). Both of us are excited to have a part in seeing the ministry of Templo Sinai grow in spiritual strength, and to be part of the Crossroads family.” You can contact Pastor Carlos at


Chris Musonda ~ Campus Crusade for Christ, Zambia

“I am the National Director of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) in my country of Zambia. As National Director, I oversee a staff of 50 who lead evangelistic and ministry ventures to help see the Great Commission fulfilled in and beyond our country. Crossroads has faithfully supported our family over the last two decades and has been a strategic partner for the people of Zambia.” You can contact Chris at


Aaron Tredway ~ Ambassadors Football (International)

“I am originally from Crossroads, and when I entered college, I began a quest to use soccer to reach nations for the Gospel. As I immersed myself in Africa’s professional soccer scene, I was led to a leadership role with Ambassadors Football. Traveling the globe, I have been able to use soccer to lead people to discover Jesus, and follow Him fully. Ambassadors Football now has numerous coaches globally to help reach and disciple people through the game of soccer. I am grateful for my wife, Ginny, and the blessing of our son, Noah.” You can contact Aaron at


Jean Paul Seneza ~ Ambassadors Football (Rwanda)

“As part of Ambassadors Football, I oversee all of the evangelism and discipleship ministries in Rwanda through the use of soccer. Since 2017, I have witnessed a great transformation among children and youth. I am married to my best friend, Dinah, and we have the joy of raising two children (Blessing & Adino).” You can contact Jean Paul at


Crossroads is very dedicated to effective community outreach, meeting needs, and sharing the Gospel on a local level. Discover your part in what is going on among us and far beyond us. Jesus and people’s eternities are banking on all of us involving ourselves in outreach, for the sake of others; for one day, we will stand before a throne, and our collective efforts to make Him known will be seen in who is standing with us.


And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
— Matthew 24:14

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