Glo Fuentes-Swift

Glo Fuentes-Swift

TAG Director


Loves Jesus, Devoted and Proud Wife, Mother and Grandmother, Enthusiastically Positive, Passionate about Serving, Loves the outdoors


As TAG Director here at Crossroads I get to lead all of my favorite Community Outreach programs that I did as a Volunteer! I love to see how all the different people at these Community Outreach Activities come together for the greater good of the family, the Church, the Community and for God. As TAG Director I also get to ensure that everyone walking through our doors feels Welcomed, Understood, Not Judged and Loved!
My prayer would be that no matter what size this church gets, we always feel like a small family that can’t wait for you to come back!


I am a devoted wife and have been married to my husband “Swift” for 28 years where we have grown together and have learned to lean on each other for strength, guidance and sanity!
God has blessed us on this journey of seeking a strong wholehearted relationship with Jesus above all and it really started here at Crossroads! We are proud parents of our 7 kids Avianna, Deston, Ivelisse, Tearra, Shante, Brandon and Bryan whom are all so different but share the same deep love for family.
We love them all unconditionally, with respect and the grace that Jesus has shown us when we make mistakes and fall short. We have also been blessed with 13 grandkids (2 in heaven) who are just Awesome!
I am also one of 8 kids who are also close knit with lots of nieces and nephews so when it’s a family gathering, it’s a GATHERING!


Thrift Store shopping, Hiking, Coaching, Playing Sports, Laughing, Drawing, Photography, Connecting with people and spending time with my family


I was certain that I would be the First Girl to play Professional Baseball in the Big Leagues!
But life had other paths for me! I played Baseball until I went to High school where I started to play Softball.
I played Softball in College, then played in the California Women’s Professional Baseball League (Like a league of their own Baseball for Women).
After this I started Coaching Softball as I still do until this day where I love to build confidence in young athletes knowing that with hard work they can accomplish anything!

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