Jimmy Roulette

Announcing Our New
Pastor of Recovery Ministries

Joining the team this August!

We are excited to announce Jimmy Roulette as our new Pastor of Recovery

Jimmy is highly qualified, down-to-earth, and has a huge heart for Jesus and people.

Highlights of Ministry Experience and Education:

  • 20+ years of pastoral experience including over 12 years of recovery experience
  • Bachelor of Arts, Counseling Psychology & Bible, 1990
  • Masters of Science, Marriage & Family Therapy, 1996
  • Launched three healthy Celebrate Recovery Ministries
  • Certified facilitator Couples Communication, Marital Communication Building program
  • Certified in Prepare and Enrich, Marriage and Premarital Training
  • Practicum Supervisor for Palm Beach Atlantic University, Masters Program, 2001
  • Former Adjunct Professor at Indian River State College

His Family:

I am happily married to Tanya for 28 years so far. We began dating in college. We have 5 children: Rebecca, 22; Sarah, 20; Rachel, 18: Daniel, 15; and Sam, 12. Rebecca is married to an incredible young man named Jordan, and they just had their first child, Mateo (our first grandchild) in May. Rebecca and Jordan are very involved in their church as a part of their worship ministry. Sarah is a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University, majoring in journalism. Rachel graduates this May from Martin County High (Tanya’s and my alma-mater). Daniel is a freshman at Martin County and is very involved in the youth ministry at Christ Fellowship as part of their worship team. Sam is our young artist who loves to draw and animate. We all like to be around each other, we laugh a lot, talk a lot, and all have a heart to help others.

His Testimony:

My parents divorced when I was three. My older brother and sister and I grew up with our mother who struggled with her own addiction to prescription drugs. She was very hard to live with. In 1978 we moved from New Jersey to Stuart, Florida. I started Middle School and eventually made some friends. My best friend John, who I had known throughout middle and HS, and had witnessed many of the struggles between my mother and I, began dating a girl named Shannon. Shannon was a Christian and John was not, but seeing how she was also quite attractive, John didn’t seem to mind her being a church-going girl! Long story short, John ended up giving his life to Christ. He began going to church with her, going to youth group with her and he would tell me how cool it was. It just so happens that John’s mom was an alcoholic and his dad had committed suicide when he was 10, so he had his own reasons for finding such joy and relief in coming to know Christ. He kept telling me I need to get saved, I need to become a Christian…Again, long story short…after much urging from John, at the age of 15 I gave my heart to Christ, led to the Lord by my best friend John. I immediately got involved in the youth group and church, and have loved it ever since.

His Spiritual Gifts

  • Compassion: I see the heart God has put in me for people who struggle with brokenness.
  • Wisdom: I have frequently been amazed at how God has used me throughout the years I have spent counseling and sponsoring and encouraging others in the midst of their pain and devastation. I have consistently received feedback in this area that speaks to how God used me to say or guide the person/couple in the right direction.
  • Leadership: I find much joy in leading others in becoming all that God has planned for them to be. Be it leading a leadership team, leading another as a sponsee, or even leading the congregation in worship, God has always helped me to focus on the building up of others and drawing out of them that which God placed in them in terms of gifts and abilities.

Experiences That Would Help Him in the Role:

I think the experiences associated with growing up in a home where my mother was addicted to prescription drugs and took out her anger and sadness of her life on us had the largest impact on my developing my struggle with codependency and anger. I say anger because it seemed anger was our native language as a family. This anger followed me into my later years of life, marriage, and child-rearing. During my life between the ages of 10 and 15, my mother’s boyfriend lived in our home and was an out of control alcoholic. Our home was filled with chaos, anger, and at times, violent fits of rage from him.

I have been a part of Celebrate Recovery for over 12 years and have seen God reveal to me where I struggle in my hurts, hang-ups, and habits and how that affected my life and my family’s life as well. Throughout the 12 years of recovery, God has healed much of the anger, codependency, abandonment, and fear that I lived with for so long. Even when I launched the first CR while on staff at Compassion Christian Church (Formerly Savannah Christian Church), I had yet to delve into my own issues that I had buried for so long. I learned by watching others find freedom through CR that I couldn’t hide behind my credentials or titles and that I needed to come clean. Thus began my journey of true recovery.

His Thoughts on the Role:

I find this opportunity exciting because I believe strongly in the ministry of CR and I have seen it used by God to change lives, families, and marriages time and time again. I love 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 which explains that we are comforted by God when we suffer so we, in turn, can comfort others with that same comfort we received from God. To me this is the core essence of CR – that God not only desires to heal us in our addictions and pain and to help salvage our lives from the wreck that we made it, but its all for the sake of making us legitimate and prepared for reaching back to pull up others who were in the same state of ruin that we were in. I have had the pleasure of launching three Celebrate Recovery’s in the last 12 years. I find no greater joy than having the privilege of leading a team of like-minded people in a ministry where radical and gritty life change occurs and people find the freedom and serenity that they never thought they could have. To see that followed by those same people bringing others along in this journey is a beautiful thing. I have a heart for the broken and addicted because I am one of “those people”.

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