Congrats Rooted Graduates

The Rooted Commissioning
As followers of Jesus we are all called ministers, we are ministers in our workplaces, on our TAG teams and in our homes. 1 Peter 2:9 says that we are a chosen people, that we may declare the praises of the one who called us.

Also as followers of Jesus, we are not meant to stay within the walls of the church. We are told to go out and make disciples, drawing people toward a loving and forgiving God. We gather as a church community then exited God’s kingdom through our circles of influence outside the church.

Congratulations to the Rooted graduating class of Spring 2020!  After each statement please say “I do” as a commitment to live as commissioned ministers.

As a Rooted graduate, do you commit to follow Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind and strength?  And to listen to his voice above all the noise in this world and entrust your life to him and him alone?

Do you commit to daily choosing a lifestyle of faithful obedience to God, hearing his voice and responding with thoughts, speech, and actions honoring to him.
Do you commit to stepping down and embracing the role of a servant, first meeting the needs of others even if they are not reciprocated?

Do you commit to growing in generosity understanding that God is the owner and he has entrusted you to be his manager?

Do you commit to bravely share your story of hope that you found in Jesus with words of grace and actions of compassion?

Based on your profession of faith, commitment to Jesus, and also on your obedience to God’s word and your completion of Rooted and these affirmations, I confirm on you the graduating class of Fall 2019 all the rights and privileges of being a minister at Crossroads.  So that means…

As ministers, making these commitments means you lead others to follow Jesus as you follow Him.  Continuing your commitment, after each statement please say “I will”…

When you see a spiritual need, you will show up with compassion and serve as you have been served by Jesus.

When someone is sick or in the hospital, you will go in person to meet with and pray for them.

When you see someone in need, you will jump up and go to them to tell them your story of how God transformed you, and share the love of Jesus.

When someone is caught in addiction, a spiritual stronghold, you will pray first in faith and walk with them helping them to break their spiritual stronghold.

When you see a marriage or a family that is blowing apart, you will step in and minister to them, walk with them and pray for them. You will bring them to church where they will hear God’s voice and find the healing they need.

And when you see a life filled without purpose, someone losing hope or the loss of a dream you will not call the church, you will get them in Rooted group!

Based on your commitments and as followers of Jesus we hereby commission you!  Congratulations to the Rooted graduating class of Spring 2020!

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