Soles4Souls Competition Update

Monday: Boys- 19  Girls-13   BOYS WIN!

Tuesday: Boys- 1   Girls- 18   GIRLS WIN!

Wednesday: Boys- 6  Girls- 2   BOYS WIN!

Thursday: Boys- 98  Girls- 93  BOYS WIN!

Friday: Watch Day 5 video to see who had to get their head shaved with the FOCUS logo!

Click Here To Invite Your Friends and Family To Participate In Our Shoe Drive

Printable Shoe Donor Form

FREE Shipping with Zappos (Please use Google Chrome or Firefox Browser)

Our kids will be encouraged to collect shoes at home, but also to reach out to neighbors, friends, and family in our area. We have created a flyer to help with this (See link above).

Millions of children are participating in Day Camp this summer, all of whom are working together on the same outreach project. What an impact we can make together! We encourage you to get crazy creative with your collecting ideas!

For more information about Soles4Souls Click Here


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