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Over 4 million people have benefitted from Financial Peace University.

Here’s some stories from those in our congregation.

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Results from Worth It (our churchwide FPU initiative in Fall 2017)

David and Leilani Coon

A Single Person’s Perspective – Erin Williams and Jason Cary

Jim and Tina McDaniel

Brian and Cherie Hunt

Brian and Alexandria Blazek

The Crossroads Staff Share Their FPU Stories

Modesto Native Shares His Powerful FPU Story


Crossroads Attendee

I am now debt free and I no longer use my credit cards. I have learned to live on a budget but still spend some money by giving myself a budget for the things I like to do and buy. Being debt free has also allowed me to be more generous to others and give more to my church. FPU has helped me live within my means without having to use my credit cards and only use what I have.  If I had not taken this FPU class I would’ve spent my money making other purchases instead of paying down my debt and allocating towards savings and retirement. I definitely would recommend FPU. We need to unlearn the behavior we have learned as a society to “spend other people’s money” instead of our own. When we are able to spend our own money we no longer pay extra fees and high interest charges. We are able to have financial peace and live like no other.

Chris and Darla Saunders, Crossroads attendees

We were in debt and thought we had it under control, but we didn’t realize how much of a slave we were. We paid off our credit card as soon as we started FPU, but still had student loans and a car payment. Almost to the end of the class, my husband (sole provider for our family) found out his company was closing his branch and he would be losing his job. We kept doing our snowball, but saved as much as we could going into a possible season of no job. God got him a job and he also got a severance, bonus and his vacation/sick time paid out. This enabled us to pay off all our debt ($13,000+ in student loans and car payments)!! Huge relief in just that alone. With the rest of the severance we bought a commuter car with CASH! And saved the rest. We did steps 1-3 just like that!! My husband has a new job, which pays a little less, but we got rid of 2 HUGE payments so we don’t feel the effect at all.  We’d highly recommend FPU!  If you have debt it will help you get out from under that weight. If you don’t have debt it will help you save so you don’t go into debt. Also has great investment tips (the step we are on!!).

Joyce Carter, Crossroads attendee

I did everything wrong in my financial life: 2 bankruptcies, voluntary repossession, IRS problems, tax liens, divorce and child support payments ( I made them). I took too many risks without thinking and felt like crap.  I am a spender and it took me 3 years to KEEP the $1000 in an emergency fund. I am debt free now except for my mortgage and I’m working on saving the rest of my emergency fund. I tell everyone about FPU. My kids, strangers in IHOP, people on BART and patients. Thank God for Dave Ramsey. It feels soooo good to not owe anyone. Unbelievable!

Amy Davis, Crossroads Staff Member

I am an accountant, so I know a good deal about handling money, but FPU shifted my focus to a more God-centered approach, and I’ve never been more satisfied with our personal finances. Also, my marriage has become stronger because we are handling budgets and financial decisions as a team like we never had before.


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