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MON-02 Pure Desire - 8 Pillars (Women)(6:30PM)

Rhonda Buhay

Mon-03 Evangelism Explosion-Adults (Manteca)(7PM)

Bill Sikma

ONLINE-01 Ken Costa Study- YouVersion- Leaders

Greg Helland

Rooted Alumni Group

Stephanie Harvey

SUN-01 Lead Small for Adults (Manteca) (2:00PM)

Mark Bejsovec

SUN-02 Looking for Lovely-Women (Manteca)(2:30PM)

Mary Junqueiro

SUN-04 Pure Desire for Men (6:00PM)

Dennis Barrett

SUN-05 Pure Desire - Betrayal for Women (6:00PM)

Lynn Barrett

SUN-07 Marriage For Couples (Ripon)(3:00PM)

Brian Lehr

SUN-08 Rooted for Everyone (Manteca)(10AM)

Ken Mullette

SUN-09 James for Adults (Ripon)(6:00PM)

John Rodriguez

SUN-10 Multipliers for Adults (Manteca)(2:00PM)

Christine Thompson

SUN-11 Love Like That- Couples (Manteca)(3:00PM)

TJ Waterford

SUN-12 Biblical Manood- Men (Manteca)(6:30AM)

David Coon

SUN-13 Gospel of Mark-Men (Manteca)(6:30AM)

Bob Williams

SUN-16 Anger for Adults(Stockton)(5:00PM)

Eliette Valverde

SUN-17 Biblical Manood- Men (Ripon)(6:30AM)

Bob Menefee

THU-02 Galatians for Women (Manteca)(9:00AM)

Erin Nickels

THU-03 Shaken for Everyone (Manteca)(6:30PM)

David Coon

THU-04 Pure Desire for Men (Stockton) (5:30PM)

Dennis Barrett

THU-06 Equipped Mom for Women (Manteca)(9:30AM)

Jan Jung

THU-07 Held - Moms adopt/special (Manteca)(9:30AM)

Heather Lee

THU-08 Stuck- Women (Salida)(6:30PM)

Rochelle Tucson

THU-09 Acts- High School (Manteca)(7:00PM)

Bill Walmer

TUE-01 FPU Spring (6:45PM)

Ross Partridge

TUE-02 Theology Course 5 Soteriology (7:00PM)

George Gerling

TUE-03 Theology Course 1 - Intro to Theology (7PM)

Joel Tokheim

TUE-04 Christian History Made Easy- Everyone7:00PM

Rick Freeman

TUE-05 Hope for Kids (Tuesday)(6:30PM)

Christine Thompson

TUE-08 A Journey to God- Adult (Stockton)(6:30PM)

Greg Helland

TUE-10 Me, Myself & Lies- Women (Manteca)(6:30PM)

Sandy Holm

TUE-12 Esther for Women (Manteca)(6:30PM)

Tina King

TUE-14 Rooted for Everyone (Manteca)(6:30PM)

Dave Raetz

TUE-15 Ephesians for Men (Manteca)(7:00PM)

Roger Root

TUE-18 10 Commandments- Couples (Manteca)(7:00PM)

Philip Owen

TUE-19 Draw the Circle for Women(Ripon)(6:30PM)

Lori Aderholt

TUE-20 From This Day Forward-20/30 (Manteca 6:30P)

Kimberly Arguello

TUE-21 Romans for Couples 55+ (Manteca)(6:30PM)

Bob Collister

TUE-23 Controlled Chaos- Jr.High(Manteca)(6:30PM)

Heather Mahoney

TUE-25 Love & Respect- Couples (Manteca)(7:00PM)

Marisol McKenzie

TUE-26 Jesus is Greater- Adults (Manteca)(6:30PM)

Marie Millin

TUE-27 5 Love Languages for kids-moms(7:00PM)

Francine Reed

TUE-28 10 Commandments- Adults (Manteca)(6:30PM)

David Haigh

WED-03 Ephesians for Women(Ripon)(7:00PM)

Allison Hoover

WED-04 Gospel of Mark for Everyone(Tracy)(7:00PM)

Ken Mullette

WED-05 Book of John for College(Manteca)(7:00PM)

Bill Walmer

WED-06 Jr. High Students (Manteca)(6:00PM)

Heather Mahoney

WED-07 Rooted for Women (Manteca)(6:30PM)

Sandra Mejia

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Newborns through 4th grade meet downstairs. Route 56 for 5th & 6th graders meet in room 205. S.U.N. St. Kids, for those with special needs, meets in room 113 during our 11:30AM service.
Check-in at the lobby kiosk.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM (no Route 56)
                   10 AM
                   11:30 AM

Junior High

Crossroads Student Ministries welcomes Junior High students from 7th and 8th grade in room 208.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 10 & 11:30 AM

High School

High School youth meet in room 208.

Sundays — 7 PM


Meet in the main auditorium
Everyone is welcome

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM
                   10 AM
                   11:30 AM

(209) 239-5566 — 1505 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, California   Get Directions ▸