Student Mexico Trip

For the last 20 years Crossroads has partnered with Pastor Carlos Bravo and the people of Templo Sinai Church in the Mexican town of  San Luis Rio Colorado as a perfect base camp for students to grow a love for missions. This trip will immerse students in a unique culture, will help them learn sacrificial service and to understand the power of hospitality. 

Our Partners

Carlos & Marta Bravo in Mexico San Luis rio Colorado, Sonora  Templo Sinai Church.

Why do we do Short Term Missions?

Short term mission’s purpose is to help students immerse in a new culture, grow students appetite for sacrificial service, understand the power of generous hospitality and to offer an real life experience of what being a missionary is like.

What will we be doing?

This trip will be broken down into multiple types of activities. It is important that while much of our trip is planned out in advance, there are plenty of moments where locals that we are partnering like more flexibility.

Register/Check your funds & form balance

Sign-up Deadline: $50 non-refundable deposit due by January 8.

Trip Dates: March 11-18

Got Questions?

Please contact Pastor Dan Chapin at

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