Soundboard Tech

This is for those who are interested in helping behind the sound board.

The sound tech will work in collaboration with the worship leader, band members, vocalists, service coordinator and speaking pastor to create a cohesive and engaging worship service.

  • Responsible for helping to create an atmosphere of worship. Helps in maintaining a distraction free in regards to all audible aspects of the service. Knowledge of the sound equipment is a plus. (Some training is available). Works closely with the service coordinator, worship leader and lead pastor in the main
  • Set up and tear down of mobile equipment
  • Arrives before scheduled rehearsal times in order to turn system on and shuts all equipment down after the Tuesday rehearsal, Thursday night service and final service on Sunday.
  • Becomes familiar with the service plan prior to the service via the Planning Center
  • Main Service: Attendance of technical run-thru’s prior to the Thursday evening service and first service on Sunday morning. Along with a service evaluation directly following the Thursday night service.
  • Kids/Route 56/CSM/Celebrate Recovery: Attendance of technical run-thru on Sunday, along with the service evaluation (for those services that have a run-thru).
  • Maintaining or seeking a personal relationship with Christ
  • Has attended Crossroads for a minimum of 6 months
  • Has attended or is currently signed up for an Ignition for Newcomer’s Growth Group
  • Ability to adapt and improvise
  • Willing to be a team player
  • A good ear – i.e. is aware of what a good worship band mix sounds like. Willing to work with other team members including speaking pastor, stage tech, worship leader and service coordinator.
  • Maintains consistency with room volume, equalization, mix and can trouble shoot issues that may arise on the fly.
Time Commitment:
  • Main Service Teams – 1 Tuesday night rehearsal, along with 1 Thursday night service and all Sunday morning services, on a once a month rotation.
  • Kids/Route 56/CSM: 1 Sunday morning a month for all services, along with a same day rehearsal.
  • CSM: 1 Thursday night a month
  • Celebrate Recovery: 1 Wednesday night a month, along with a same day rehearsal.
To Apply:

For those interested in being a Sound Tech fill out the Sound Tech Application below

Soundboard tech Application

Upon receiving your application we will contact you.

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