Prepare for Power Outage


A Distinct Possibility and Opportunity 

People of faith understand being prepared for the future.  There is a distinct possibility that a PG&E power-down may affect entire communities through November on very short notice. 

Read here about the impact of losing power including gas stations not opening, train crossings not operating, and water supply having to be severely minimized.

If the power to the cities of Manteca, Tracy, Stockton or Lodi were to turn off, it may be a minimum of 48 hours, and it could last up to 5 days.  This is not an impending doom, but it is an opportunity to be with family and neighbors, like a neighborhood block party. Churches are working together to see God have His rightful place in ministry in our homes and community.

How to Prepare

  • Become more informed
  • Prepare
  • Pray and trust
  • Talk with and care for your family and neighbors

Check out the following sites in helping you prepare:

Additional Thoughts

  • Household gas appliances will function, and water will work in reduced availability.
  • Prepare for disposable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and extra napkins, paper towel and tp.
  • Plan to buy and store drinking water, canned foods, frozen foods (which are first to eat).  Plan to include amounts for extra people within your family structure and neighbors.
  • A generator (with gas safely stored) with extension cords will help with charging certain household items and intermittent conditioning of refrigerators, freezers, portable fans, etc.
  • Prepare for cooking with gas, propane or bbq.
  • Pull out camping cookware for coffee, hot water for simple foods.
  • Keep your car gas tank above half tank because gas stations will not function.
  • If you hear of a 48-hour notice, buy ice (perhaps dry ice, too, if you understand the dangers), milk, crucial foods.  Utilize ice chests instead of frequently opening refrigerator or freezer.
  • Plan for fun things to do like cards, board games, books and coloring books.
  • Reduce driving because street lights and stop lights will not function, and train crossings will only last a short time. 
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