Senior Session #1: Six Flags Magic Mountain

What are Senior Sessions?

Senior Sessions are one of our ways of pouring into our High School Senior students, through great discussions, intentional discipleship, and a bunch of fun stuff while we do it.

Who gets to attend?

Uh, seniors in High School (ya know… senior sessions)

Who’s in charge of this?

Our High School ministry team leads 100% of these trips, and will attend all of the sessions. If you have any specific questions, you can text or call Preston at 602-402-7829, or email any questions to

Details of Session #1

Where: Six Flags Magic Mountain

When: We will leave Crossroads at 7am on September 23rd. We will leave from Six Flags is 1am (when the park closes), for an estimated arrival back to Crossroads at around 5am-6am Sunday morning.

Transportation: All students must ride to and from the event with Crossroads, with a background checked, over 25 year old Crossroads driver.

Cost: The only cost associated with this trip is the ticket to get into the park, and the food that they purchase at the park. You can buy tickets at this link:
Any additional purchases (flash pass, haunted house tickets, etc) are the responsibility of the student to purchase as well.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you buy the ticket for the correct date AND park! Tickets are only valid for the certain day you purchase the ticket, and for the Magic Mountain park, so double check.

Safety: Emergency contact – Preston Kulesha 602-402-7829
For safety reasons, students will be required to stay in groups of at least 3 for the entire day at the park. Additionally, students will be required to check in at pre-determined locations and times at the park throughout the day.
*If for any reason, a student is kicked out of the park, the parent or legal guardian will be responsible for coming and picking that student up immediately. So don’t do anything to get kicked out*

Magic Mountain FAQ’s:

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