Focus Day Camp



Soles4Souls Competition Update


Monday: Boys- 19  Girls- 13    BOYS WIN!

Tuesday: Boys-1   Girls- 18     GIRLS WIN!

Wednesday: Boys- 6  Girls- 2   BOYS WIN!

Thursday: Boys- 98  Girls- 93  BOYS WIN!

Friday: Watch Day 5 video to see who had to get their head shaved with the FOCUS logo!


Friday July 17, 6:30-7:30                    Crossroads front parking lot
No cost – Just fun!
Music, photo opp, celebration stations and goody bag for FOCUS Day Camp kids!

Daily Lesson/Activities

Day 1: FOCUS on what you CAN see!

Looking at God’s creation

DAY 1 Plan w/ all activity and craft pages

Day 2: You can hear from God

The Wise and the Foolish builders

DAY 2 Plan w/ all activity and craft pages


Day 3:You can TALK with others about what you believe.

Peter Says That Jesus is the Messiah

Day 3 Plan w/ all activity and craft pages


Day 4: You can PRAY anytime, anywhere, about anything.

The Lord’s Prayer

Day 4 Plan w/ all activity and craft pages


Day 5:You can LIVE for God by loving others.

The Greatest Commandment

Day 5 Plan w/ all activity and craft pages

Snack ideas

Extra Game ideas

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Newborns through 4th grade meet downstairs. Route 56 for 5th & 6th graders meet in room 205. S.U.N. St. Kids, for those with special needs, meets in room 113 during our 11:30AM service.
Check-in at the lobby kiosk.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM (no Route 56)
                   10 AM
                   11:30 AM

Junior High

Crossroads Student Ministries welcomes Junior High students from 7th and 8th grade in room 208.

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 10 & 11:30 AM

High School

High School youth meet in room 208.

Sundays — 5:30 PM


Meet in the main auditorium
Everyone is welcome

Thursdays – 7 PM
Sundays — 8:30 AM, 10 AM, 11:30 AM

(209) 239-5566 — 1505 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, California   Get Directions ▸